John Grosse ~ Retired Professional Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies

John became a professional Toastmaster in 1990 after serving 30 years as a Metropolitan Police Officer.

After training with the London Guild of Toastmasters, during the following 30 years he performed at hundreds of events and met thousands of people during his work and believes that he enhanced their events at least as much as he was enriched by their acquaintance.

In 2020 at the age of 80 he has decided to retire from the noble Toastmaster profession and live out his remaining years in a delightful country village near Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

John wishes to offer his profuse thanks to everyone he met for making it a most enjoyable journey.
Toastmasters’ General Council

Having been inspired by prominent Toastmasters before him, Joyce Sterland, Gordon Sainsbury, Dudley Walters & Christine Akehurst to name but a few, he actively supported the Toastmasters’ General Council for over 25 years, including as its Hon. Secretary from 2009 to 2018, helping it develop as the much-needed national representative body for professional Toastmasters. He wishes it every success in its continued efforts.

John will be pleased to advise on the service that Toastmasters can provide and help to find a Toastmaster for anyone who needs that service.